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Kosher and Shomer Shabbat Tours

All Tours can be strictly Kosher (Rabbanut or Mehadrin Depending on Preference) and completely Shabbat observant, with an option to spend Shabbat in a beautiful and spiritual environment.


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Itinerary Building

Don’t want to hire a tour guide (no offense taken)? I will sit down with you and write up a detailed itinerary featuring the best sites for your needs. Fill every single day to it’s highest potential without the cost of hiring a tour guide!


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Leave Your Camera at Home Option

No more worrying about getting the perfect shots, let me capture your memories for you so you can just enjoy the experience. After the tour you will be sent an album of your trip!

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Everywhere in Israel

The tours are intended for all ages and for all levels of knowledge about Israel, from the first timers to experienced Israel travelers.



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